New Animated Fox Show “Allen Gregory” Includes Gay Dads

While the wildly precocious young child bit isn’t exactly the freshest idea in the world, I have to say that I’m at least somewhat intrigued by Fox’s new fall animated series Allen Gregory, from Jonah Hill. And not just because Allen (Jonah Hill), who is 7-years-old and claims to have “composed operas, written novels, and dated Chloë Sevigny,” has two gay dads. Okay, that’s a big part of it, but based on this trailer for the show, it looks like it could be kind of fun. 

I actually like the fact that Allen isn’t wildly enthusiastic about Jeremy, his father’s life partner. Seems like there could be a fair bit of comedy there, and I love the fact that we’ve now had so many gay dads on TV — Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters, Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family — that there is nothing worrisome about the fact that Jeremy looks at Allen like he’s thinking about donating him to Goodwill.

Richard and Jeremy

French Stewart (Private Practice, 3rd Rock from the Sun) plays Allen’s dad Richard while Nat Faxon (The Cleveland Show, Reno 911!) plays Jeremy. 

French Stewart, Nat Faxon

You can see the trailer below. So, are you willing to give Allen Gregory a chance?