New Azealia Banks Video Is The Coolest Thing Ever

Azealia Banks performs "Luxury"

I’m cooler than you. Just accept it.

Pack it in, everyone. No use even trying. Azealia Banks is officially the coolest person in the United States.

For proof, watch her video for “Luxury,” which premiered today:

Everything about this clip just works. The crisp, black and white cinematography makes the images leap off the screen. The laid-back pace of the editing lets you focus on each elegant scene (Azealia on the roof; Azealia in Chinatown; Azealia in a waterlogged tunnel) instead of forcing you to process a new visual every half second. That gives the video confidence. It’s like director Clarence Fuller is saying, “I’m not afraid for you to really look. Because we all know we’re the bomb over here.”

And then there’s Banks herself, who is singing a song called “Luxury,” yet only wears one simple, perfect outfit for the entire video. That hat alone would make her the empress of Swagtown, you know? When you’ve really got style, you don’t have to get crazy showing it off. (It helps, of course, that Banks is also gorgeous.)

Even better (for me, at least) is the fact that “Luxury” is the best song that Banks has released so far. I know that everyone loooooves “212,” and I won’t deny that it’s also very cool. But I prefer “Luxury’s” sexy balance of melodic singing and aggressive rap.

So there you go. I praised Banks back in April, but I’m even more excited about her now.

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Mark Blankenship really wants that hat. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship