Queer Vandals Strike Back At Canadian Neo-Nazi Headquarters

Taggers hit the Toronto offices of the New Constitution Party.

The New Constitution Party (NCP) is a fringe white supremacist party in Canada that opposes abortion, traffics in Nazi propaganda, and dismisses any efforts to address climate change as a ruse of the New World Order. According to its website, the NCP “incorporates the intellect of Dr. Ron Paul, the heart of Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and the soul of Jesus Christ.”


Unsurprisingly, the group doesn’t have a lot of friends in Toronto, where its headquarters are based. Canadian mail carriers have even balked at having to deliver the NCP’s extremist antisemitic newsletter, Your Ward News. (In June 2016, the government ordered Canada Post to stop delivering it.)

Yesterday, reddit user HeyThereRobot posted a photo of fresh graffiti on the party’s storefront near Danforth Village reading, “Queeeer kids run this town.”

“They’re literally the fucking devil and I’m really horrified their office is in my city,” HeyThereRobot wrote.

Response to the tagging was favorable: “I meeeeean, we kind of do,” one commenter wrote. “I love this kind of graffiti!”

NCP’s leader, James Sears, was stripped of his medical license for repeated sexual misconduct and now bills himself as a pickup artist and “masculinity guru” who “loves Hitler and Jesus.”

Sears has also faced criminal charges after urging people to “bludgeon to death” a couple who spoke out against his agenda. This April he was questioned by police after the NCP’s mailing address appeared on homophobic hate mail sent to out Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam after Toronto Pride voted to ban police officers from marching.

“I stand with millions of people to shut you faggots down,” it read in part. “Now with the police are not at your fag parade it makes it easier to hurt you in a big way.”

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