New Jersey Now Makes It Easier to Change Your Gender on Your Birth Certificate

Governor Phil Murphy signed a law this week that will expedite the process.

New Jersey just made it easier for its residents to make changes to gender on necessary official documents.

Governor Phil Murphy signed a law that will make it easier for those seeking to change their gender on official documents such as birth certificates. Signed into law Tuesday, the registrar will be allowed to amend certificates based on how people identify themselves rather than going by the gender they were assigned at birth.

This is a huge step forward because changes to birth certificates could previously only be done by a doctor certifying that a person’s gender had been changed surgically.

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The law will also allow death certificates to reflect individuals’ genders based on identity rather than assumptions of cisgender identity.

Christian Fuscarino, executive director of Garden State Equality, spoke about the impact that this changed law will have for citizens that need official documents to reflect their gender: “Transgender people have long stood in solidarity with LGB people and here at Garden State Equality we make sure nobody is left behind.”

The state does not acknowledge genders outside the gender binary, but this is still an important step for transgender individuals, lessening the burden for validity to come from surgery or medical officials.

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