New Kids On The Block Jonathan Knight And Boyfriend Appearing On “The Amazing Race”


Jonathan Knight is one of the more introverted members of New Kids on the Block, but the boy-bander is stepping into the reality-TV spotlight next month when he and boyfriend Harley Rodriguez join the cast of CBS’ The Amazing Race.

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Knight, brother of fellow NKOTB member Jordan Knight, shared the news on Twitter this evening.

Knight and Rodriguez have reportedly been together for seven years, but the singer confesses, “this is probably going to be the most time that we’ve been together continually.” He’s confident they’ll keep their cool, though, and “help each other through it.”

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The upcoming Season 26, which kicks off February 25, will be the first ever all-dating couples season, with five of the teams actually going on blind dates.


“Usually we have people who know each other really well. In this particular case we have five blind dates and six regular dates,” co-creator Bertram van Munster said in a statement. “Going on a blind date to a restaurant is one thing, but going on a blind date around the world is like rolling the dice in a big way.”

Also in competition are Olympic bronze medallist Aly Dudek and bobsledder Steven Langton.


h/t: TV Guide.

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