New Lady Sovereign Video – "So Human"


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Lady Sovereign does The Cure!!! Well, sort of. With her new tune “So Human” she snatches Robert Smith & co.’s “Close to You” and lays down her grime on it, and the results are downright spiffy!

I have to admit, in the chorus I kept thinking she’s saying “feels so gay” over and over, but she’s saying “it’s okay.” Either one works, of course. Plus, since Sovereign’s rocking a slightly femme/butch look in this one, and spending much of the video flirting with a pretty female showbiz reporter and then a sexy lady therapist, I couldn’t help but get a serious lesbian vibe. Which I like!!

It’s all very Sovereign channeling Pink-meets-M.I.A.-meets-Sporty Spice (yep, she still looks like her). Which works, too!

Anyway… Lady Sovereign’s full-on new release, Jigsaw, comes out in the U.S. on April 7th; in the UK on April 13th. This peppy, festive, crunchy “So Human” romp may be my new springtime happy song! Thanks, Lady!