New Poll Shows Nearly Half of LGBTQ People Identify as Bisexual

Bisexual people are still less likely to be out than gay and lesbian individuals, despite being the largest group.

Nearly half of all LGBTQ people identify as bisexual according to a new poll.

Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News partnered to survey 880 LGBTQ Americans across the country on more than 100 questions about gender, sex, politics, family, and discrimination.

One of the reports most intriguing findings is that 46% of those surveyed identified as bisexual, compared to 32% who identified as gay, and 16% as lesbian. Another 5% identified as queer or self-described, 1% asexual, and another 1% straight.

“With only 51 respondents, transgender people are the smallest group in the survey,” BuzzFeed notes. “Results based on such a small number of respondents have a much larger margin of error (plus or minus 14% in this case) and should be interpreted with caution.”

The Pew Research Center found 40% of the LGBTQ community identified as bisexual in its report from 2013, which queried just shy of 1,200 people.

Little data remains on the topic as of yet, but the findings match a trend reported by a 2015 YouGov survey that found nearly a third of Millennials identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, or fluid, as opposed to strictly heterosexual or homosexual.

Meawhile, despite the high percentage of bisexual people, they are still less likely to be out compared to gay and lesbian individuals. 53 percent said they were only out in limited contexts, and 11% said they weren’t out at all. Over two-thirds of LGBTQ people who came out, across generations, said it made them happier.

Other key findings from the BuzzFeed/Whitman Insight Strategies poll include:

* On average, LGBTQ people came out at 21 and said they knew they were LGBTQ just shy of 17 years old.

* Over a fifth of respondents said they had to lie about being LGBTQ at work, and 12% reported they had been discrimination in the workplace as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

* Only 14% of LGBTQ people do not wish to get married. Another 25% said they were unsure.

* Most respondents said they don’t want kids or aren’t sure if they do. Gay men were most opposed to the idea, with only 5% saying they would definitely have kids, compared to 55% who said they don’t want them. Bisexual people were more receptive to the idea, with 51% saying they would have kids or would like to.

* Bisexual people reported having more sex than their gay and lesbian counterparts, 29% saying they had sex once or twice a week, and 15% of them several times per week. Only 18% of gay people have sex once or twice a week, and 14% have it several times per week. Lesbians reported having the least amount of sex, with 35% abstaining the last year, and only 4% having it several times per week.

* 16 percent of respondents said they think business owners should be allowed to turn away LGBTQ customers if they have religious objections to serving them, compared to 69% who disagreed, and 15% who were neutral.

* Concerning the 2016 election, 59% said they voted for Hillary Clinton, and 14% said they went for Donald Trump, and a fifth abstaining from voting. Exit polling found even stronger support for Clinton.

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