New TV Ad Proves Just How Absurd North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill Is

"It's unnecessary and it's discriminatory."

A new TV ad created by The American Unity Fund, Freedom for All Americans and Equality North Carolina challenges North Carolina’s discriminatory bathroom bill by showing its proponents who the bill affects most.

In the ad, transgender Asheville resident Zeke Christopoulos and his coworkers, Patricia Hickling Beckman and Chester A. Spier, discuss the bill’s potential impact on Zeke’s daily life and how it’s obviously absurd.

“When you stop and think about it, everyone needs to use the bathroom just to get through their day,” says Hickling Beckman. “And a law that forces Zeke to use the women’s restroom is totally inappropriate and that’s exactly what HB 2 does.”

Spier adds: “It’s unnecessary and it’s discriminatory.”

The new ad is reported to begin airing nationally today. Check it out below:

h/t Towleroad

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