New “Magic Mike XXL” Trailer Released

“We didn’t want to show you the best parts of the movie in this trailer… but it was very… hard… to resist.”

Why yes indeed, it certainly was. The first full length trailer for Magic Mike XXL shows a bit more skin than the teasers we’ve gotten thus far, and interestingly it’s Joe Manganiello and not Channing Tatum who seems to get the most screen time. For those who felt the True Blood alum was underutilized in the first film, it sure seems like he has more to do in the sequel– including seducing still hot lady patron Andie McDowell.  Jada Pinkett Smith also gets some trailer screentime — and it feels like she’s playing Gotham’s Fish Mooney all over again – although this time in a tight white suit and fedora.

What do you think. Does this make you more excited to see the film?

Magic Mike XXL opens July 1