New VLOG Alert: It's NewNowNext NOISE!


Attention, folks! Today’s the day when we debut a weekly video blog here on NewNowNext. It’s called NewNowNext NOISE and it features—so far—two of your friendly bloggers, John Polly and Colin Schoenberger, talking about new music releases, pop culture trivia and all matters of gayness. Yes, this is a thoroughly homegrown affair (as you’ll see), but we figured, let’s start small and see what happens!

And yes, that’s my real office. And yes, there’s an ad in front of the video. Patience, kids!

In this first installment, we serve up our take on a bunch of the new tracks on the as-yet-to-be released Britney Spears’ album (due in November). The album’s working title is Piece of Me, and there are scads of tunes which may (or may not be on it) posted all over the ’net, and they’re not hard to find. The big “Gimme More” number she served up (to put it mildly) at the VMA’s is only the tip of Brit’s big frosty musical iceberg.

In Part 2 of the NNN NOISE vlog (after the jump) we talk up Swedish artist Jens Lekman’s new album (which you really must know about) and new stuff from that piano-plonking pop chanteuse Vanessa Carlton. And then Colin and I ask each other a bunch of gossipy questions! I mean, who watches The Hills anyway (he said bitterly…)???

Each week we’ll discuss new music, and we’ll be having some fun guests on board, too. Tune in, y’all!

Check out Part 2!


Next week, we’ll talk about The Pipettes, Office, Beirut, Mary Gauthier, new music from Jennifer Lopez and Melissa Etheridge, and buttloads more!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.