Video: New Music Series "Scouting" Goes Knot Tying With Rubblebucket + Free Download

Rubblebucket sans clothes.

Hello, welcome to the first episode of “Scouting,” a brand new NewNowNext web series where we take up and coming performing artists and engage them in traditional scouting activities while talking about their music. From star gazing to bird watching, the musicians of tomorrow are the NewNowNext Scouts of today.

For this first installment, I walked down to the Brooklyn waterfront with Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver, the two founding members of 8-piece art pop band, Rubblebucket. I heard someone describe this band along the lines of a band of hippie musicians taking over a city with arts and craft supplies, and that’s pretty apt. It’s a big sound with a lot of brass and a psychedelic tinge.

We chatted about their new album Omega La La and the music video for their single Silly Fathers. We also earned our knot tying badge.


Rubblebucket has been touring all summer. If you’re in the New York area, you can check them out live TONIGHT at Brooklyn Bowl. In honor of the occasion, Alex did a remix of “Down in the Yards” which you can grab below: