New Year’s Eve Styles We Learned From The Movies

Dressing for New Year’s Eve can be a challenging task. If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s time to pull out the fancy dress and get ready for either the most amazing love-filled party ever, or a giant crazy disappointment.
Here are some of the best fashions from our favorite New Year’s Eve movie moments.

1. Get out your long gloves.

Show that you mean it when you dress up, and put a glove on it.

Long gloves and an off the shoulder dress proved to be a lucky outfit for Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. In the famous scene when Harry finally realized he loved Sally, Ryan looked naked for half the shots, but the gloves helped make her not only dressed, but dressed-up.

2. If you’re hosting an event, be prepared to wow them.

Martha Plimpton never lasted to see her own party in 200 Cigarettes, but in green hues and lace gloves, she looked cute waiting.

3. It’s the time of year to wear your most flashy jewelry.

A beautiful dress deserves beautiful jewels.

In Sunset Boulevard, Norma throws an elaborate party and dresses the part with the most devine jewels. If you got the bling what better time to show it than when you’re ringing in the new year.

4. A fur coat can flatter any outfit.

When Carrie realizes she doesn’t want to be alone for New Year’s in Sex and The City she throws on a sparkle hat and a fur and looks better than most of the people she runs into on the street.

This is what someone who just threw an outfit together on New Year’s looks like, you best step it up, gurl!

5. If you’re going to stay in, at least wear matching pajamas.
Are you having a Bridget Jones’s Diary kind of year? Nothing against staying in, but if you decide that’s the route, at least look cute in something that coordinates.

Stay in, and resolve to look adorable doing it.

Sue Funke is a comedic writer and will be spending New Year’s Eve in a comfortable outfit, because she believes in J-Lo’s philosophy, “Comfort equals sexy.”