New York Gay Appropriately Celebrates 29th B-Day With 29 Death Drops All Over NYC

"It was a very rainy day but that was not going to stop ME! Gayle asked Oprah to hold the rain so I could LIVE MY DAMN LIFE."

Kinky Boots actor Juan Torres-Falcon wanted to spend his 29th birthday in style. To do that, he made the sensible decision to sashay around Manhattan performing a death drop for every year he’s been alive.

Our office’s collective reaction:

From death dropping into a damn Christmas tree declaring “Christmas is over, bitch” to doing it once more in front of Trump International Hotel & Tower proclaiming, “make America great again!” this video must be watched (and rewatched) to fully engage in its brilliance.

“I turned 29 this month and the impending doom of the aforementioned number and it’s ever-nearing neighbor, 30, had been haunting me for months,” Torres-Falcon tells us. “The idea that I would soon be leaving my 20s was too much for my small Latin frame to handle.”

JuanTF Death Drop 3

So what’s a gay to do? He took the weekend off from the National Tour of Kinky to come home for his #JUANuary birthday weekend, and thus the death drop mega-montage was born.

“To properly do a death drop you have to be unafraid of falling (knowing full and well you will get back up) and trust that YOU GOT YOU, otherwise you will break your whole LIFE,” he says. Thankfully, his life remains unbroken. “Now I’m just worried about what I’m going to do when I turn 50 ?.”

Watch the instantly-iconic video below.