New York’s First Official LGBTQ Monument Makes Its Debut

"Difference is that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged..."

New York is welcoming its first LGBTQ monument, to the West Village’s Hudson River Park.

As Curbed writes, the monument is a memorial dedicated to “the LGBT community, those lost in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016, and all victims of hate, intolerance and violence.” Located roughly between West 12th Street and Bethune Street, the memorial comprises of nine large boulders that sit in a circular pattern; six of which are bonded together with glass.

The memorial was commissioned by Brooklyn artist Anthony Goicolea, who spoke about the memorial’s design: “Traditionally glass is something delicate and fragile, but here it is used to make the boulders stronger.”

The memorial also includes an inscription of a quote by activist Audre Lorde (which reads: “Difference is that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged…”), that Goicolea remarks is “the monument’s inner voice.”

“The idea of having an environment that reflects who you are and your community is particularly important when so many groups are being squashed today,” he says. “A place that celebrates diversity is needed and welcome right now, and sends a powerful message.”

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