New Zealand Dessert Maker Honors Caitlyn Jenner With Ice Cream Portrait


An ice cream maker in New Zealand is saluting Caitlyn Jenner with her own ice cream creation.

Giapo Grazioli’s frosty treat “Call Me Caitlyn” features her likeness from the Vanity Fair cover printed on white chocolate and added to a waffle cone with any flavor ice cream you want.

Writes the New Zealand Herald:

The image of corseted Caitlyn, first revealed on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine this week, is printed on a cocoa butter sheet then left to set on crystallising white chocolate.

The waffle cone is filled with the punter’s pick of any popular ice cream and toppings available – that’s what the Call Me Caitlyn is about, explains Giapo.

“What a great time to be alive. Here’s to all people having the freedom of choice to do what they want with their lives,” says Giapo. “I think this is just wonderful. What is not to love? Call Me Caitlyn is about freedom.”

The ice cream concoction is on sale at  Giapo Haute Ice Cream on Auckland’s Queen Street. Five dollars from every sale goes to Rainbow Youth NZ, an LGBT nonprofit.

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