NewNowNext Music: Dangerous Muse, Adam Joseph & Joan Jett Mix It Up!

Let the confetti fly! Mike Furey sings out in a moment from Dangerous Muse’s video for “The Rejection.”

I’ve written about the “ambisexual” duo Dangerous Muse before… And here we go again! This weekend, Logo will air the world premiere of their first video for their first single, “The Rejection” on the NewNowNext music video show this coming Sunday night at midnight. The video features DM’s Mike Furey singing and posing, Tom Napack rocking the keyboards and jamming… And then all kinds of boy-chasing and girl-chasing around a high school. And then confetti flies around and some girl slaps Mike and then these dudes are in a locker room… Oh, you’ll just have to watch, I guess.

Mike has to tell these nice girls that he doesn’t want to dance with them… The poor dears.

Here are Mike and Tom telling me about the video back in June:

Mike Furey: The video is in two parts. The first part’s the performance footage of Tom and me just performing in front of a black backdrop. And the other half is a narrative. And in that, a guy hits on a girl who rejects him, and then that girls hits on a girl who rejects her, and then that girl—basically it’s like this series of cyclical rejections. And basically everyone who rejects then gets rejected. So a guy hits on a girl in class and she rejects him because she is checking out another girl in class, and then that girl is really in love with this guy, who is in the cafeteria. So she goes to him, and then he rejects her, and then he’s checking out guys in the lockers room.
Tom Napack: The video has kind of the ambisexual thing, too.

Some foxy stills from the video are below. And, Mike and Tom from Dangerous Muse will actually be hosting this week’s NewNowNext show. They’ll be talking about their music, other music and videos they love and just gabbing up a storm. Check ’em out!

Tom gives good face in “The Rejection.”

And Mike makes love to his microphone.

And in the video, this girl likes this girl…

And this dude is checking out this other dude…

And Mike and Tom give good interview about their music–and other tunes that they love! And yes, they’re in front of a green screen so this looks a bit weird, ya dig?

Also airing on this week’s show is the World Premiere of a video by New York’s own out singer Adam Joseph (below), who’s got amazing pipes, and a knack for a serious groove. His single, “Flow With My Soul” may just be one of the best tunes I’ve heard in a while from a queer artist. It’s got smarts and soul, and tells a story that’s positive without beating you over the heading or preaching. And it’s got an irresistible groove going on, too. You’ll like it!

Adam Joseph is going with the “Flow.”

And rounding out the queer flavor this week is Joan Jett’s new video for her single “AC/DC,” which no, isn’t about the iconic rock band who shook us all night long. It’s about a femme fatale (played in the video by Carmen Electra—why not?) who breaks hearts of every gender. She likes girls, she likes guys—she likes everybody. Sound like anyone you know?

Bi-Bi Love? Ms. Jett sings about a gal who goes both ways…

Plus, you’ll get new video from kickass bands like Evanescence, The Raconteurs, Stefy (fresh from the O.C.), Snow Patrol, Red Hot Chili Peppers, New Found Glory, Jurassic 5, and an amazing new clip from OK Go that’s another of their one-take masterpieces, this time involving crazy choreography on some treadmills.