The NFL Proves “Love Has No Labels” In Moving Kiss Cam Video

"Love is about who you are, not what you are."

The National Football League is celebrating love and inclusion in a new video.

In partnership with creative agency R/GA and The Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” campaign, the NFL created “Fans of Love,” an ad which uses a traditional kiss cam to highlight the beauty of all different types of sports fans.

Shot at the the Orlando Pro Bowl this past January, the spot features adorable moments from a gay couple, a mixed race couple, two boys with down syndrome, a pair of young best friends, a woman in a wheelchair with her husband and a Pulse survivor with her female partner.

“We noticed that [the iconic kiss cam] was often focused on traditional notions of love. We thought, what if we could showcase a more modern take?” said Chris Northam, an executive creative director at R/GA. “We hope it does cause conversation and, more than anything else, that the fans embrace this message and help spread this movement.”

Earlier this week, the NFL came out against a proposed anti-trans bathroom bill currently working its way through the Texas state legislature, warning that the state would be barred from hosting future Super Bowl games if the measure were to pass.

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