Man Pretends To Be Doctor At Children’s Hospital In Order To Find A Boyfriend

Nicholas Brett Delaney committed fraud to impress male staffers.

A man faces possible jail time after impersonating a doctor at an Australian children’s hospital.

Nicholas Brett Delaney, 25, had been passing himself off as a doctor since May at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Queensland and at a nearby Ronald McDonald House, a charity for children undergoing medical treatment, MSN reports.

Delaney, a guard, was not employed at either institution. He had stolen a lanyard granting him access to staff-only areas, but health officials deny that the imposter had access to patients.

When questioned, Delaney told officers he was trying to impress male staff members in an effort to find a boyfriend. He was too embarrassed to tell his new friends at the hospital that he was a fraud.

“It is hardly a trivial offense to be impersonating a doctor at a children’s hospital over an extended period of time,” said Magistrate Stuart Shearer earlier this week at Delaney’s hearing. “You should understand the seriousness of the offenses.”

Delaney pleaded guilty to three charges, including attempted fraud. After appearing in court without a lawyer, he has been urged to seek legal counsel and will face sentencing January 29.

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