Nick Gruber Tell-All Detailed “Epic Lovemaking” With Calvin Klein

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We don’t want to keep informing you about the soap-opera like saga of Nick Gruber, but we just can’t stop.

Just days after his recent encounter on Fire Island, when Nick announced to all that could hear that he was “straight” and didn’t want to be touched by gay men—comes news that the treatment for Gruber’s tell-all memoir has supposedly surfaced.

That’s the memoir Nick Gruber said he never had any intention of writing. “That was false information. I never said that I was gonna write a book,” he told Michael Musto. “I never would do something like that or hurt someone that I love.” (Klein and Gruber split last year after Nick was arrested for assault and drug possession.)

This week, the New York Post reported it got a copy of the book proposal for Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein—which Gruber supposedly worked up  with “help” from writer Lisa Arcella—and spilled some serious T on it.

Nick Gruber grew up a world away from Calvin Klein’s chic jet-set lifestyle. He would meet his father for the first time as a teenager, but until then he was shuffled between various foster families in Florida while his mother served prison time. At age 15, Gruber was sent to live in the small resort town of McCall, Idaho, with his father, a former Hells Angel. Gruber never questioned this transient, grifter existence until he met fashion icon Calvin Klein.

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After vandalizing vacation homes in McCall, he returned to California, where his mother was living. Gruber, then just barely 18, was at the welfare office picking up his mother’s food stamps when “an overweight and unattractive man” approached him in an encounter that would soon change the course of the poor, wayward teen’s life.

While Gruber denies being an escort, the proposal claims the straight model soon realized” he was every gay man’s fantasy,” and had various well-heeled friends who paid for his company. It was the lure of money that got Nick into gay porn, under the alias Aaron Skyline. Gruber was introduced to Klein in early 2010, but the manuscript claims “I really had no idea who he was.” Just look at your underwear, fool!

According to the proposal, the escort and the fashion icon embarked on a sexting relationship. In March 2010, Klein sent a private G4 plane — complete with a cream and beige interior and cashmere blankets — to whisk the 19-year-old from Kansas to New York.

Once he touched down in the Hamptons, a limo was waiting to usher Gruber to the home of Klein’s ex-wife, Kelly. There, Klein greeted Gruber at the door wearing a short-sleeve shirt and sweatpants.

“Hi, I’m Calvin, come on in.”

Klein took him on a tour of the home before showing him the guest house, which was filled with lit candles and a roaring fire. According to the proposal, the pair had an epic lovemaking session.

Ugh, you can’t unread that.

Klein dolled Gruber up in designer duds,  gave him a $10,000-a-month allowance and began showing him off to friends. But Dressing Nick up wasn’t enough: Allegedly, Calvin gave his golden boy-toy a Liberace-style makeover:

“In a scene straight out of Pygmalion, Calvin goes to work transforming his love interest. Nick gets new clothes, a new hairstyle and teeth. There were meetings with a steroid doctor to help him keep his lean and pumped look. His skin was resurfaced and he even gets speech therapy to upgrade his speaking style,” according to the proposal.

The affair heated up, with European vacations, public sex romps (in a famous French church, claims the Post) and even a marriage proposal (from Nick to Calvin). But when Gruber’s partying got out of control, Calvin started pulling away. It all came to an end in April 2012  when Nick was charged with assault and cocaine possession after beating up a friend who he claimed grabbed his crotch.

Gee, this guy has a real beef with gay guys touching him!

Well, maybe not. After getting out of rehab and moving to L.A., Gruber began a relationship with businessman John Luciano. That ended, and Nick returned to New York, where he’s trying to get his modeling and acting career started again. Somehow that hinges on insisting he’s straight:

Nick, sweetie, there’s nothing wrong with having a generous man friend: Like Missy says “Ain’t no shame, ladies do your thing. Just make sure you ahead of the game.”

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