Nick Gruber Defends Fire Island Rant, Rags On Michael Lucas

nick gruberThe Nick Gruber publicity train hasn’t run out of steam (thanks to his new publicity firm, PlanetPR). The former Calvin Klein boy toy—who’s been walking in New York Fashion Week shows this week—was the topic of gossip after blowing a gasket at the tres-gay Ascension party on Fire Island.

Apparently Gruber was screaming to whomever would listen that he was straight and did not want to be touched. Michael Lucas, who was within earshot, respectfully asked Gruber to be removed for actin’ a fool.

Since then, Gruber’s turned down a Bravo reality show, denied ever working on a tell-all memoir and decided to open an extreme-sports training company. (Apparently that’s a real thing.)

Our friends at Gay Star News snagged an email interview with Nick, who admits he’s ’working on my issues,” to get the T on what actually happened on Fire Island: “After over five people were getting touchy-feely with me, I got frustrated and said to one of them something like, ’Hey, I’m not gay, can you ease off?'” Gruber tells the site. “Again, I don’t remember the exact phrase as I wasn’t planning to write it all  down on Facebook.”

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Gruber also says he hasn’t heard word from Lucas since the porn mogul posted his apology on Facebook “[Michael] decided to forward my private apology to him, and his comments, to the media. Which just shows what his goals were from the start  about all this.”

Nicky wasn’t as forthcoming on some of their other questions:

Are you and Calvin Klein still in contact? How would you describe your relationship now?

No comment.

While you admit you’re happy met Klein. at least from the alleged book proposal the relationship seems to have been strained from the start. Is it true you were pressured to ’profess your love?’ What type of pressure was used?

No comment.

Did you turn down a reality show project from Bravo and what do have to say about the comments John Luciano makes about you in Out magazine?

No comment.

Hmm, maybe he’s saving it for that memoir after all!


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