Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Crash NYC Gay Bar

And the bar appropriately went berzerk.

Demi Lovato pulled a 2008 Britney at Splash last night, surprising the crowd at New York City’s Industry bar with a performance of her single, “Confident,” introduced by her pal, Nick Jonas.

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Jonas is of course no stranger to gay bars, he himself having done a gay-baiting striptease at BPM’s Gay College Tuesday’s last year.

“Hello, you beautiful people,” Jonas proclaimed making his grand entrance in a Little Red Ridinghood inspired zip-up. Biceps unfavorably concealed, Jonas introduced his friend, “the talented and amazing Demi Lovato.”

Photo credit: Maxim Maximchuk

“The stand out moment for me was when she actually started performing,” DJ David Serrano recalls of the night. “Her voice is STELLAR and you know it was live because for a second she got lost in the moment and forgot her lyrics. She quickly recovered though and hit some spectacular notes.” Adding: “They were both REALLY nice and stuck around to dance for awhile after.”

Also allegedly in attendance (but show us the receipts, will ya?) was Kate Hudson.

Check out Nick’s intro and Demi’s performance below.