Nick Jonas Making Tuna Salad In A Tank Top Will Make You So Hungry

"Yes, I did do shoulders and back today. You’re welcome."

Nick Jonas, thirst trap and “tuna enthusiast.”

In a series of Instagram stories, the 25-year-old singer recently shared his meticulous recipe for tuna salad, one of his favorite post-workout snacks—all while rocking a black Nike tank top that shows off his famous fins.

This was a brutal finisher today.

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“The answer is yes, I did do shoulders and back today,” says the former Kingdom and Scream Queens star. “You’re welcome.”

“What you want to do is have that personal connection with your tuna,” he continues, hilariously taking his snack prep way too seriously. “It’s important to note that each person is entitled to their own tuna journey, and today you’re seeing mine.”

It should come as no surprise that Jonas likes it moist and spicy, pimping his premium Safe Catch chili-lime tuna with a dash of Chohula hot sauce and Trader Joe’s mayo. “So you don’t get that dry tuna that nobody wants,” he explains.

The two-handed twisting technique he uses on his sea salt and peppercorn grinders is really something to see.

“Wow, that is spectacular,” Jonas says, marveling at his culinary creation. “I’m going to get involved in this.” Same.

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