Nick Jonas Chains Himself @Heaven For Our Enjoyment

Nick Jonas spent Saturday night at G-A-Y at Heaven, and put on quite a show for the boys, with drag queens chaining him up for “Chains.” The boys seem to have loved it, but I had several thoughts while watching it. Many thoughts, like:

1) If there’s a dom in the audience, they’re cringing over how loose those chains are.

2) Why are whistles still a thing in clubs.

3) You know they’d rather have him take off his shirt than play with these lame chains.

4) Hell, it’s a gay club, 250 audience members with even better bodies are already shirtless.

5) Oops, he came out into the crowd and the lighting guy was so not ready

6) Did that song segue remind anyone else of a Justin Timberlake knock off?

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