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Trump and Fox News to meet to bury hatchet, Harlem hate pastor says our breath smells like other men's buttholes, Jeremy Irvine tries to spin "Stonewall"

Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander is happy to be in love with Neil Amin-Smith, but he’s worried a bit about the public aspect. “I found someone that I love and that’s a new thing and that has its own world. And then it exists in this world where we’re both conscious about being open about it. The response has been incredibly touching and heartwarming and overwhelming, but I feel like if you invest too much of yourself in the construction of yourself as a gay couple in the media you end up f***ing up the real thing, so I try not to think too much about it.”

Fox News
After commentator Rich Lowry told Megyn Kelly that Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon” during last week’s debate, Trump threw a Twitter fit and said “Incompetent @RichLowry lost it tonight on @FoxNews. He should not be allowed on TV and the FCC should fine him!” Silly Trump, it’s cable, and the FCC has no real power here. Take a civics lesson.

The blood has gotten so bad between Trump and Fox News that Roger Ailes announced that he and senior executives would be meeting with Trump next week to discuss the network’s coverage of the candidate. “Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Donald Trump spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Ailes will be joined by senior Fox editorial executives. Mr. Trump believes he has been treated unfairly in certain instances. Fox News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage. We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards.” This is dangerous ground. Candidates don’t get to dictate their coverage in media, and even hinting that they might get to have an opinion shows a total lack of integrity.

One sensible thing that has come out of Trump’s mouth is his opinion on Martin Shkreli, the hedge fund manager that raised the price of a common HIV medication 5500%, calling him a spoiled brat. “And he’s a hedge fund guy […] and I thought it was a disgusting thing, what he did. I thought it was a disgrace. I know, it’s terrible, but in particular, there’s something about that one, the way he raised it and to that extent and then he sat back smug like he was hot stuff. That guy is nothing. He’s zero. He’s nothing. He ought to be ashamed of himself.” Think about that. Donald Trump said he should be ashamed for an act of capitalism. That’s how far this guy went.

Pope Francis
Beyond a veiled swipe at marriage equality, Pope Francis’ speech to Congress is being hailed for it’s compassion, call to help the poor, tackle climate change and basically do good. Glenn Beck had a hell of a tweet, “The Popes speech was a “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall” moment. Unfortunately, the “wall” is capitalism.” While John Boehner cried at some points during the speech, it was Senator Bernie Sanders that praised it the most. “I know that people think Bernie Sanders is a radical, read what the pope is writing about because he is not only talking about poverty and income and wealth inequality, he is getting to the heart of hyper-capitalism and he is saying ‘why as a society are we worshipping money? We’re making money the golden idol, respecting and admiring people who have billions of dollars at the same time as we’re ignoring people who are sleeping out on the streets, people who are going hungry, people who have no health care. And he’s saying that is not the way we should be living our lives. That is a pretty profound critique of modern society.”

Kim Davis
Kim Davis is beginning her media career, with two national interviews this week, and this weekend she’s speaking at the Family Research Council’s Voters Values Summit, where she will no doubt be adored as she accepts the Discipleship award.

We finally know what Nickelodeon’s The Splat will be: It’s a 10:00PM- 6AM programming block of your favorite classic NickToons that will air on TeenNick each night, as well as a huge social media push to prey on our nostalgia.

White heterosexual Supreme Court justices know all. (Getty)
At at speech at his son’s Rhodes College, Justice Antonin Scalia railed against the marriage equality decision from the Court. “Saying that the Constitution requires that practice, which is contrary to the religious beliefs of many of our citizens. I don’t know how you can get more extreme than that. I worry about a court that’s headed in that direction.”

Jeremy Irvine
Jeremy Irvine is trying a new way to spin the Stonewall controversy. “I don’t think any of us expected it to get the attention that it has… but now how many people have heard the name Marsha P Johnson, opposed to never having heard it before? I was out last night and had a few groups of people come up to me and wanted to talk about the film. They wanted to know if Marsha P Johnson was going to be a part of the movie and I was like, ‘Yeah! But also, how cool that you are all talking about that!’.” In other words, we made a shitty film, but look at how much your explaining how shitty it was educated the masses!

How common is rape on the gay scene? It might depend on your definition of rape. We know that forceful rape is rape, but how about that hookup you invited over and only slept with because it seemed the only way to get rid of them? Where is the consent there? As someone who has been drugged into sex twice, and escaped once, this stopped and made me think about times I maybe didn’t give willing consent in the past. It’s an interesting way to think about it.

Bill Murray
Bill Murray can basically make any film he wants. If you can get in touch with him. He doesn’t have an agent. If you want to hire him, you call an 800 number and leave a message, and he might get back to you to have you fax a script to an office supply store, and he might read it. There’s a huge list of films he didn’t do because people couldn’t get in touch with him, like The People Vs. Larry Flint and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

In order to celebrate the release of his new single “Levels,” Nick Jonas put hidden cameras in an elevator and surprised guests at a Las Vegas hotel by blasting the song and having an impromptu dance party with them and some of his famous friends in the elevator. Most sites have focused on the bachelorette and giant inflatable penis, but it’s the guy dancing and taking his shirt off that I noticed, because he has to be family. Gay guys lose their shirts when dancing. It’s a thing.

Pixar has an incredible ability to manipulate our emotions, but they do even better with the emotions of their characters as you can see in this supercut of their most emotional moments. I’ll be honest, watching this may make you ugly cry. And laugh. All sorts of things that might cause the person in the cubicle next to you to place a call to HR.

There was a protest outside the Harlem ATLAH hate church, and Pastor Manning thought it was funny and started preaching to the protesters and filmed it and put it online. There are some great lines as he’s condemning the protesters, but my favorite is when he accuses them of having breath that stinks of another man’s butthole. That’s what happens when you didn’t pack any gum for your Walk of No Shame.

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