Nick Jonas Embraces S&M For Gay Club Performance, Is Literally Chained To Stage


Nick Jonas was literally in chains for his performance at G-A-Y at London’s Heaven club this weekend — a great look for him but not entirely surprising, considering his affinity for everything supergay.

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“You know we gotta do something special for the G-A-Y audience,” he teased as drag queens Mary Mac and Baga Chipz fixed his glistening, muscular arms in shackles before moving down to put two more around his ankles.

The 22-year-old dreamboat eventually broke free of his chains and made his way into the audience, dancing with some fans in the front row.

“There is no better place to spend your Saturday night than G-A-Y,” he says at the end of the performance. We assume he meant it’s the second best place, since “in Nick Jonas’ arms” would obviously be the first.

h/t Attitude

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