Get Hazed By Nick Jonas In New “Goat” Trailer

Brotherly love?

Nick Jonas and James Franco are ready to make freshman rush hell in the upcoming thriller, Goat.

The film is based on the 2004 memoir by Brad Land that follows two brothers into the intense world of fraternity hazing.

goat trailer

Here’s a synopsis from The Playlist:

Reeling from a terrifying assault over the summer, 19-year-old Brad Land (Ben Schnetzer) starts college determined to get his life back to normal. His brother, Brett (Nick Jonas), is already established on campus and with a fraternity that allures Brad with its promise of protection, popularity, and life-long friendships. Brad is desperate to belong but as he sets out to join the fraternity his brother exhibits reservations, a sentiment that threatens to divide them. As the pledging ritual moves into hell week, a rite that promises to usher these unproven boys into manhood, the stakes violently increase with a series of torturous and humiliating events. What occurs in the name of ‘brotherhood’ tests both boys and their relationship in brutal ways.

Watch the trailer below that promises a movie with lots of blood, sweat and shirtless frat bros:

Goat hits theaters and VOD on September 23.


h/t: The Playlist

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