Nick Jonas Looks Good Enough To Eat In New Issue Of “Out”

Plus: Who is the guy Nick is living with?

Whether he’s gay-baiting or not, Nick Jonas certainly has no problem engaging with his gay fans. The singer-actor appears on the cover of Out’s June/July issue in advance of the June 10 release of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, and looks as scrumptious as ever.


Photographer Doug Inglish shot the spread, which sees Nick sporting designer duds from Hermes, Dior Homme and Louis Vuitton. We haven’t seen the issue yet, but we’re sure he’ll talk more about his gay fans and the queer roles he’s taken of late.


Appearing on Ellen Monday, Nick insisted that his relationship with actress Kate Hudson is simply platonic

“We had a group dinner the night before the Met Gala with lots of people. And she was there, and I was there. But it was a group.”

Nick is living with someone, though—his brother Joe.

h/t: The Fashionisto

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