Nick Jonas Releases Music Video For “Remember I Told You”

"It’s a position so many people have been in, where they feel like they’re not being heard," the singer says of the song's lyrics.

Nick Jonas has released the full music video for his newest single, “Remember I Told You,” featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner.

“The new track was written last year while I was on tour,” Jonas’ told Hero last month.

“I text Mike Posner who was the special guest on the tour, I was like, ’Hey man, why don’t you come onto the bus, I’ve got this track going you might be into.’ He came out, listened to it two times, and was like, ’I love it, I’ve got some lyric ideas.’ So he jumped in the booth, and within five hours from the time I started the beat to the time I eventually laid my vocals in with the lyrics that we’d written, it was pretty much done.”

Jonas, whose last album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropped last year, says he thinks a lot of people can relate to the song’s lyrics.

“It’s a position so many people have been in, where they feel like they’re not being heard,” he explains. “I love that first line… ’I don’t suppose you have a moment to spare me, do you?’ I feel like it’s a really humble way of asking for someone’s attention and begging to be heard after you’ve given so much to them.”

The video, directed by Isaac Rentz, sees Jonas bopping around a white room, dancing, swinging a bat and playing in a bathtub full of styrofoam peanuts (fully dressed, alas). As the beat plays on, a diverse group of partiers appear on screen to join in the fun.

Watch the video for “Remember I Told You,” below.

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