Nick Jonas Shows Off His Guns In “Men’s Fitness,” Makes No Mention Of Jonas Brothers Feud


It was a difficult day for Jonas Brothers fans yesterday, as they learned Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas were cancelling their upcoming tour, set to kickoff tomorrow, over a “rift” in the band. But not to worry, as today is a great day for fans of the Jonai, and non-fans too, as the adorable yet ripped Nick is at last making his much anticipated debut in Men’s Fitness.

Now given the timing of the interview there is no talk of yesterday’s events and, what’s more, no signs of any of the problems that were to come. There is tons of talk about carbs and lean proteins though, if that’s you jam.

Now on to the photos. Well, photo. Sadly, those knuckleheads over at Men’s Fitness have decided to ignore their newfound, and very, very fair-weather, audience of young women, tweens and gay men, and tastefully dress our friend Nick in jeans and a tank top. He of course looks amazing, but could we have maybe lost the shirt guys? Or had a glimpse of the stomach? Anything really, because dressing him like a pledge is not what we were all imagining when word was sent from above that Nick would be gracing the pages of your mag with his presence.

That being said, those arms! If this “rift” should come to fisticuffs between the brothers Jonas, Joe and Kevin better get to stepping quick.

Check out Nick’s interview here if you’re into fitness, but if your looking for gossip or any talk of his new squeeze Olivia Culpo you’re shit outta luck. This is basically the kind of interview that appeals to the guy who spends 30 minutes doing squats at your gym and never wipes down the machine.

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