Nick Jonas Reads Fans’ Dirty Tweets, Reveals He’s Into Choking

"Into choking? That makes two of us."

Everyone knows that Nick Jonas has been a thirst trap for years, and now the pop singer and former Kingdom star is making his fans even more dehydrated as reads the thirstiest tweets about him in a Buzzfeed video.

“I want Nick Jonas to **** the **** out of my *******,” writes an admirer named Chuck.

“What’s a star?” jokes Jonas.

Don’t play dumb.


And another fan writes she’s going to get his “face tattooed on my ass cheek so I can say I sit on Nick Jonas’ face all the time.”

Very clever!

Then Jonas offers thirsty fans a tidbit about what he’s into in the bedroom when someone tweets “Nick Jonas could choke me on any holy day.”

“Into choking, huh? That makes two of us,” he says into the camera.

“I have a few more in my direct messages that I could show you at a different time, but that’s for the R-rated version,” he adds at the end of the video.

Buzzfeed, can you please, please release an R-rated version?

Grab a big glass of water and watch him read all of the thirsty tweets in the video below.

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