Nick Youngquest and Gareth Thomas Hit Locker Room Together. Sports World Doesn’t End.

I few days ago, we took a look at some locker room banter between openly gay rugby hero Gareth Thomas and straight rugby star Nick Youngquest. The point was that despite the fears of insecure men like Jason Akermanis, not much changes with a gay player on a professional team. The locker room is still full of trash talk, and nobody is afraid to take a shower.

Gareth responded to our article.

I especially appreciate the big guy’s use of "comfy." While naked Twister was teased in the banter, they evidently couldn’t find a mat. But they did hit the gym together together today, and Nick brought a camera to the locker room, resulting in the picture at the top.

The heterosexual didn’t run screaming after all.

Gareth absolutely understands the example the two of them are setting. He’s captained teams at the international level, and now he’s championing the right for players to be themselves in sport. It’s simple effective activism.

But he’s not above underlining his point.

Gareth Thomas and Nick Youngquest, changing the world one tweet (and a pretty amazing pair of six-packs) at a time.

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