Finale Of Nickelodeon’s “The Legend Of Korra” Includes Payoff For Gay Fans (SPOILERS)

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Viewers of Nickelodeon’s acclaimed anime series The Legend of Korra have long claimed lead character Korra and her best friend, Asami, were more than just friendly.

And in show’s two-part series finale on Thursday, they got their proof: After the big threat is dealt with, the series closes with Korra and Asami walking off into the spirit world hand-in-hand.


Korra and Asami both dated the same man, but there have been hints about a growing attraction all season: After being gone for two years, Korra writes letters back home—but only to Asami.

“Please don’t tell Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them,” she writes. “I don’t want to hurt their feelings, it’s easier to tell you about this stuff.”

There were also female-bonding moments, like when Asami tended to Korra after a fight, and when Asami was helping Korra learn to drive.


Even Janet Varney, who voices Korra, revealed to fans that she rooted for the ladies as a couple.

The Legend of Korra has always pushed the boundaries of what’s often considered a children’s medium (although everyone we know who watches it is over 30): After a character was killed on-screen in the Season One finale, Korra was moved from the desirable Saturday morning slot to Friday nights.

Eventually Nickelodeon decided to take the show off the air entirely, and only streamed the final two seasons online.

So you can understand that just holding hands wasn’t enough for some diehard fans: One skillful Korrasumi shipper even created their own, less ambivalent ending.

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