Nicki Minaj Has Serious Opinions About “Drag Race”

Nicki reveals her faves in the season five cast.


For some reason it’s validating when you realize huge stars watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, even if it’s not surprising. And this is the most unsurprising addition yet to the Hunty Hive: Nicki Minaj revealed herself to be a huge Drag Race fan, tweeting a few times about the current season and who she believes should win.

Take a look at her emphatic observations.



First of all, I thought it was humanly impossible to miss the Alyssa/Coco drama. It wasn’t even drama. It was a made-up conflict from the start. It just happened loudly, like Victoria Beckham’s arrival in America. Ultimately not news.

Secondly: I concede that Roxxxy has definitely amped up her competitive edge in recent weeks and brought serious face and attitude to the runway. But what-on-Earth else has she done? Because the correct answers don’t include good acting, being funny, designing provocative costuming, choosing cleverness over cattiness, exhibiting dignity, or shutting up. I’m already sick of this dialogue about how Jinkx has “relied on comedy” to get to the end of the competition. Oh, what a terrible cop-out that is, falling back on talent. I bet fans of Roxxxy would find that pretty annoying.

But the point of this: Nicki Minaj is actually an awesome and impassioned commentator, and she’d be great fun to watch Drag Race with. I only wish she (and everyone) gave more props to Alaska for not only being an excellent comedy queen, but hands-down the funniest queen in the competition. I’m not saying Jinkx isn’t a more polished and interesting performer, but if we’re going to talk about effective humor, Alaska’s deadpan drollness does THAT.