Nicole Westbrook ‘It’s Thanksgiving’: Meet The New Rebecca Black

Patrice Wilson, the man who brought us all Rebecca Black, is back with a new protegee. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nicole Westbrook.

Ms. Westbrook is basically Ms. Black 2.0, and instead of singing about days of the week she is taking the holiday route, specifically Thanksgiving.

So watch in wonder the music video for “It’sThanksgiving” above.

If you love grown men dressed in turkey costumes  alone in a house full of children, tweens rapping over the dinner table, Thanksgiving meals that seem to consist of little more than Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and barbecue ribs  or young ladies singing into large and phallic drumsticks, this is the video for you.

We will now be going back to watching Ke$ha on repeat.

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