Nicollette Sheridan Makes Her Debut As Alexis Carrington On “Dynasty”

We’re not sure how to feel about this: Alexis Carrington is returning to Dynasty nearly 40 years after making her debut in the original ’80s soap. But this time its Desperate Housewives’ Nicollette Sheridan bringing Denver to its knees.

“The CW reboot is hoping to inject that same magic into the end of its freshman season, and this time, the iconic villain will be played by Nicollette Sheridan,” Entertainment Weekly reveals, along with some exclusive preview images.

“I have always been attracted to playing the naughty girl,” Sheridan tells EW. “And for some reason, my audience loves seeing me in that role. It’s challenging to make that person likable, and I get to do it again [with Alexis].”

Sheridan will make her debut as the iconic Carrington on Dynasty’s March 23 episode. No word on whether she’ll be storming into a court room, but showrunner Sallie Patrick admits, “You only get to bring her in once.”

Patrick, who describes Alexis as part Mildred Pierce, part Blue Jasmine, says her introduction pays tribute to Joan Collin’s iconic entrance and outfit. Plans to introduce the character were underway before the pilot was even shot.

“We started by having an Easter egg in the pilot—glimpsing Alexis in a mirror—and then throughout the season, we hear Blake, Steven, and Fallon’s memories about the woman who abandoned their family. So by the time she actually enters the series, we’ve established expectations about her character… which Alexis will happily break.”

In the original Dynasty, Alexi’s made her debut during Blake’s murder trial. But Sheridan says the Carrington who really should worry about her is daughter Fallon.

“She has met her match tenfold—Alexis has the experience and the wisdom that comes with age. So as brilliant as her daughter is, she’s in trouble now. [The writers] are really exploring the mother-daughter relationship, which to me is the most complicated relationship on the planet, so I love that.”

Alexis “truly is a loving mother,” she insists. “Just sometimes she gets a little lost in her quest for power or manipulation.”

Dynasty airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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