Nightwing And His Beautiful Butt Have Just Been Immortalized In Statue Form

The hero's greatest asset is on full display in a new release from Japanese toymaker Kotobukiya.

Batman’s ex-partner Nightwing is known for having the best butt in the superhero game. So fans were thrilled to see his gorgeous glute on display when a new statue devoted to the character was revealed in time for New York Comic-Con.

Already known for its Bishoujo line of sexy female statuettes, Japanese toymaker Kotobukiya announced last year it was rolling out a collection of Ikemen (“handsome men”) statues, starting with thirst-quencher Dick Grayson. Available for preorder now, the Nightwing statue will set you back $79.99.


“Sculpted by the talented Naoya Muto, Nightwing poses with his finger to his lips as if asking you to keep his identity a secret,” reads the figure’s description. “He comes with two interchangeable head parts so you can display him with or without his mask. The mask part he is holding is also removable.”

As the first Robin, Dick Grayson was anything but sexy. (Those green short-shorts and matching elf booties didn’t exactly help.) But when the character broke off on his own and adopted the more form-fitting costume of Nightwing, he suddenly became comics’ hottest sex symbol.

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“I love that Nightwing’s ass, specifically, is a thing,” said comics writer Devin Grayson in a Comics Alliance piece i investigating the character’s hotness. “There are memes about it, reams of fan art. If I were a male superhero contemporary, I think I might consider following his lead and forgoing the cape to see where it got me.”

It’s true: Entire Tumblr pages are devoted to Dick’s backside. And it’s referenced quite often in the comics themselves.

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