Nina West and Monét X Change Make Meghan McCain an “Official Ru Girl”

"I'm not worthy!"

What would a birthday celebration be without a couple of drag queens?

Meghan McCain didn’t have to find out during her birthday festivities today on The View, when RuPaul’s Drag Race queens Nina West and Monét X Change swung by to deliver some cactus cake for the Arizonian’s 35th birthday.

This isn’t the first time the Drag Race girls have visited the ABC talk show’s set. Back in June, Meghan sat down with Nina, Monét, and Adore Delano to discuss LGBTQ issues for Pride Month.

“It is so important, representation does matter, and the fact that ABC and Disney had amazing drag queens on national television is amazing,” Monét said, reflecting on her View debut.

Not only did the queens bring cake today, but they also presented Meghan with glittery pink cowboy boots, along with a RuPaul statuette like the ones eliminated girls get when they leave Drag Race.

“We thought it would only be appropriate if we made you an official Ru girl,” Nina said as she handed over the gift, prompting Meghan to reply, “I’m not worthy!”

“You two are such inspirations to so many people out there living their truth… thank you so much for coming on,” she told the drag duo, with Whoopi Goldberg adding: “Maybe you should come co-host sometime?” Consider our DVRs already set.

Check out Nina and Monét’s birthday surprise in the video below.

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