No Shirt Wednesday: Ryan Gosling Vs. Aaron Paul

Much as we hate to contemplate it, there may come a day when Ryan Gosling won’t be able to come through for us. He might be busy, or banging Eva Mendes, or simply have gained an unattractive amount of weight for a role. Which is why we’re doubly glad for the existence of what we like to call Mr. Ryan Gosling-Lite: Aaron Paul. Paul plays one half of the meth-making supergroup on “Breaking Bad,” and with his blond hair and pretty eyes, well, he plays a serviceable fill in for The Gos. And with his debut starring role in the new film “Smashed,” his hotness stock is set to rise.

Let’s go to the pictures, shall we?

aaron paul ryan gosling

Aaron Paul is a little scrawnier (if you’re into that kind of thing), while Ryan Gosling looks like he works out 27 hours a day.

ryan gosling aaron paul in bed

They both look dreamy in bed — just pretend Emma Stone isn’t there.

ryan gosling and aaron paul

More proof of their shared adorableness.

aaron paul donuts

But then again, Aaron is bringing donuts, so that puts him a tad bit ahead in our book.

Julie Gerstein thinks donuts with Aaron Paul is a dream date. Follow her at @havethehabit.