Gay Teen Couple Spotlighted On MTV’s “Promposal”

North Carolina natives Noah Ambrose and Brandon Caddell lead the Gay-Straight Alliance at their school.

A teenage gay couple from North Carolina will be featured in an upcoming episode of the new MTV series Promposal.

The program highlights the romantic lengths some high school students go to to ask their boyfriend or girlfriend to prom. The show will feature six different couples, one of which will be Pinecrest natives Noah Ambrose and Brandon Caddell.

“Asking Noah to prom was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Caddell told The Pilot. “When I was contacted by MTV about being featured on their newest show, I was incredibly excited. Too many LGBT teenagers have to live their lives in the closet and aren’t able to ask the person they care about to prom.”

“This was a great opportunity for us to show everyone it is possible to be out and happy in a small community in a state like North Carolina.”

Ambrose added that the pair initially bonded over their shared love for volunteer work, which they now do together with different advocacy groups throughout the state, including Equality NC, the NAACP and Sandhills Pride.

“Our passion for activism made us happy to share our story,” he said. “We want to let people know LGBT couples are just as normal and just as deserving of respect as any other couple.”

Together, the pair run Moore County’s only high school Gay-Straight Alliance, with Ambrose serving as president and Caddell as vice president.

The couple have been dating for a year, but said they’re still the target of insults from students and staff alike.

“I think the hardest part was choosing which friend groups to hang out with, which people you can be around and say certain things, which teachers you think you can trust and which you can’t, and whether or not I can walk around school holding Noah’s hand,” Caddell said.

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Ambrose and Caddell’s Promposals episode will not only show the teens getting ready for prom, but will also take a look at their activism, Christian faith and experiences growing up LGBT in rural North Carolina.

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