Nolan Funk Can’t Find Parking Or A Shirt, Jack Falahee Gets Ice Cream: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Halloween Bubble Porn, Matt Doyle works hard at the studio, stars come out for Spirit Day

I didn’t donate $40 to your Kickstarter so you could lay around the studio with puppies looking adorable, Matt!

Hanging with Gidget and @peterlerman today recording some stuff. Tough work ;)

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She’s right, he really doesn’t take a bad photo

I swear, the boy doesn't know how to take a bad picture! >.< …But I love him anyway :) @keahukahuanui

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Does the studio have an ice cream truck that drives around the lot playing creepy music? And aren’t those gym clothes? Did you just void your workout before you even changed?


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Well, that’s kind of purple

When I collapse in the gym like this, there’s always the one guy who says “You’re not getting any exercise just lying there!”

Last training session before leaving for Florida!!! 2 weeks training outdoors ? beastly workout jane!

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Greg wore purple for Spirit Day

I’m kind of over most of the Andrew Christian soft porn videos, but I’m still amused by their Bubble Porn series

New #Halloween Bubble Porn is out! Watch it at #AndrewChristian #actrophyboys #underwear

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Michael Willett is now an aspiring model, at least when it’s for a good cause

Coliver are the patron saints of Spirit Day

Were there no shirts in L.A., either?

Ricky Martin looks like he planned his whole wardrobe around Spirit Day

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