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Ontario Just Issued Its First Nonbinary Birth Certificate

Activist Joshua Ferguson fought for nearly a year to change their birth certificate.

Ontario has become the latest Canadian province to issue a nonbinary birth certificate, following a yearlong efforts by a filmmaker to accurately reflect their identity.

“It’s a victory for me. It’s victory for our community,” Joshua M. Ferguson told reporters Monday. “I feel a sense of relief because I know this policy will save lives.”


People born in Ontario can now choose a nonbinary option, signified by an “X,” or to have the gender marker removed altogether. Ferguson first tried to update their birth certificate in May 2017. In an op-ed for The Star they wrote that the new option “illustrates that non-binary people exist—we are Ontarians and we are Canadians.”

Parents will also be able to designate an “X” if their children are born intersex or leave the sex designation blank “allowing their child to one day self-determine their gender identity,” Ferguson added.

Similar policies were implemented last year in Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Northwest Territories. In the United States, California, Oregon, and Washington State allow birth certificates to display a nonbinary gender marker.

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