Now’s Your Chance To Star In A Logo HIV-Awareness PSA


So you want to be on TV? Now’s your chance! Logo is calling on openly gay men interested in being in a sponsored public-service announcement about HIV awareness.

You do not have to be HIV-positive, nor do you have to disclose your status publicly. You just have to be out and proud!

We’re looking for guys age 22-45 with cool jobs:  Are you a fireman? A doctor? A scientist? A race-car driver? Are you serving in the military? Are you an accountant?

In these television spots, we’ll take you from your work identity to your real self, and send an important message about getting real about HIV—like knowing the facts, getting tested and being safe.

If you’re interested, send two photos (a close-up and a body shot), a brief description of your job, and your contact info to

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