Nyle DiMarco Is Single (!!!) And Looking For A Partner With These Three Qualities


Nyle DiMarco sat down with People in the wake of his historic Dancing With the Stars win this week.

Mirrorball Trophy in hand, the 27-year-old deaf model and former America’s Next Top Model winner talked about life after DWTS and what he’s headed for now that he’s conquered two reality competition shows and come out on top.

“A friend and I are writing a show together so I’m looking forward to doing that,” he said.

“It’s a series,” he added, though he wouldn’t confirm whether it was a reality series. “We’re working with a really great deaf writer. You know, I think we really do need deaf people out there writing their own shows.”

Asked by People’s Jeremy Parsons what he’d like people to see about his life if he were to do reality TV, Nyle said, “I think I would like people to see how I work with people, as a deaf person; how I’m able to interact with people. Really I just want a show that would follow my career, and that’s a great way to educate the public about how they can work with deaf people in this world.”

Ray Tamarra/GC Images

Asked whether he was “single and ready to mingle,” Nyle, who is sexually fluid, responded, “I am very single.”

“A relationship isn’t a priority of mine but, you know, I’m hoping soon enough!”

He sounds enthusiastic and like he’s actively looking for someone, but — attention boys! — you’ve got to have three very special qualities to be considered dating material.

Said Nyle: “First one, they have to be independent — they have to believe they can do their own thing. The second one, communication, I think is the most important. And [they have to be] outgoing as well. I’m an outgoing person, so…”


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