Nyle DiMarco Works Out With Pietro Boselli, Talks About The Kind Of Guys He’s Into

Time to hit the showers, boys!

Last week, Nyle DiMarco was crowned Attitude’s Man of the Year at the annual Attitude Awards in London.

In addition to making attendees swoon at fancy award ceremonies, the Dancing With the Stars dreamboat also made some time to hit up a London gymβ€”and tapped the best workout partner we can think of: the super hot math teacher-turned-model Pietro Boselli.

According to DiMarco’s Instagram post, the two of them are working on a collaboration video together and he reveals that in addition to looking good in Speedo, Boselli knows some sign language. “He’s pretty good with his hands,” DiMarco wrote on Instagram.

Aside from working up a sweat with Boselli, DiMarco also sat down for an exclusive interview with Attitude where he was asked what he looks for in a guy.

“Probably men who are athletic, who like the gym, love food and travel. That’s it, I’m a simple guy,” he said.

Well, there you go boys, yet another reason to hit the gym.

Last year, Boselli was honored at the Attitude Awards where he was named the Most Stylish Man of the Year. Pietro told the magazine in an interview that his new role in fashion has propelled him β€œto become more involved in the gay community.”

β€œFor me, that’s been huge in terms of evolving as a person, who I am, understanding different viewpoints,” he said.

Attitude knows how to pick ’em! We pretty sure we aren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting their collaboration video.

Time to hit the showers, boys!

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