Watch Nyle DiMarco Read and Sign His Filthiest Thirst Tweets

Could the sexually fluid deaf model and activist use you as a hand puppet?

Nyle DiMarco’s fans are thirsty AF and we wouldn’t know a damn thing about that.

The deaf model and activist recently sat down to read and sign some of your thirstiest tweets for Buzzfeed, just in case you ever wanted to know how to sign a request to suck toes or compliment a pair of hairy thighs.

“You can just tell Nyle DiMarco has a nice dick,” tweets one astute admirer. “It’s in his eyes.” DiMarco does not dispute this.

“Nyle DiMarco could use me as a hand puppet tbh,” reads another tweet, which must be hilariously explained to him.


The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars winner is a great sport but does seem a bit disturbed by the graphic violent nature of his fans’ sexual fantasies. “I need all of you alive on this Earth,” he says.

DiMarco, who came out publicly as “sexually fluid” in 2015, later spoke to Attitude about discrimination within the queer community.

“I’ve had so many LGBT+ people criticize me for my identity, and I think that’s not the point,” he said. “Why aren’t we working together for a larger goal? The bottom line is, what is our long-term goal for the LGBT+ community?”

Watch DiMarco blush below.

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