Nyle DiMarco Catches Subway Creeper Snapping Photos Of Him In Hilarious Facebook Thread

"Yes, I knew you were taking pictures of me!"

One New Yorker thought she was being sneaky by snapping photos of hottie Nyle DiMarco on the subway, but the star model quickly (and hilariously) proved her wrong. In a viral thread from DiMarco’s Facebook fan page, Loiba, a Brazilian jiujitsu trainer, revealed she took a discreet photograph of a”unbelievably gorgeous” man on the subway, only realizing it was DiMarco when a picture of him popped up on her feed days later.

“Rarely do you see a supermodel ride the subway,” Loiba told Buzzfeed. “I [could] tell he was a fashion model because of what he was wearing.”

“If this is you, you are very handsome in person!” she wrote on the Facebook page, attaching one of the photos she’d tried to capture on the sly. Surprisingly the America’s Next Top Model winner quickly responded: It turns out, he was well aware that Loiba was snapping photos. He even managed to take a few pictures of her in the act!

The Facebook thread has gone viral, with a screenshot of the exchange amassing more than 47,000 replies and 168,000 likes on Twitter.

DiMarco told Buzzfeed that his “deaf eyes” make him hyper-aware of what’s going on around him, so he instantly knew Loiba was snapping photos.

“I thought of Cole Sprouse always doing the same to people not-discreetly taking pictures, so I decided to pull a ’Cole Sprouse’ move,” he added. “I love this story so much and wish we had the chance to take a selfie!”

DiMarco, who identifes as sexually fluid, is one of NewNowNext’s hottest queer singles of 2018.

If you’re wondering why, check him out demonstrating how to sign dirty words in American Sign Language.


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