Missouri Teen Beaten, Given Black Eye, In Suspected Gay-Bashing

"I'm pretty sure it happened because I was queer," says Nylea VanHoutan, 16. "It's not okay, it's wrong."

Missouri police are investigating the assault of NyleaVan Houtan, who says she was attacked by a group of 20 or 30 boys because she is gay.

VanHoutan was at a pumpkin festival in St. Joseph with a group of female friends when, she says, a mob began to antagonize them. The 16-year-old student refused to fight back, but some of the boys started to hit her in the face and back of the head.

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“I was, like, in shock—really in shock,” VanHoutan WDAF.. “And when they did it, they called me a ’wannabe boy [expletive].'”

VanHoutan’s mother, Sescha Hicks, says, “I believe down to the core of my bones it was a hate crime.”

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After her attackers ran off, VanHoutan was taken to the hospital. She has been left with a black eye as a result of the assault.

Nearly 35% of gay and bisexual students report being bullied on school property—10% of them say the’ve been physically injured by bullies at school.

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