NYTimes Article Explores Black Queer Love

"How can you believe in something you’ve never seen?"

“As a child, I thought all gay people were white,” says Jamal Jordan.

“Growing up, I had rarely seen queer characters of color in the gay young adult books I read, in episodes of Queer as Folk I watched, or issues of XY or Out magazines I stealthily bought at Barnes & Noble.”

In honor of Pride Month, Jordan, a gay, black visual journalist for the New York Times, sought out queer couples of color to singlehandedly change the lack of positive media representation of LGBTQ people of color in love he says has haunted him and convinced him that he was undeserving of love.

The result, “Queer Love in Color,” features the stories of six lesbian, gay and trans couples of color that have inspired some readers to “take their daughter to a Pride parade” and share the stories with their recently out children, according to feedback Jordan has received.

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