President Obama Designates The Stonewall Inn A National Monument For LGBT Rights

“This new monument is a testament to the diversity, inclusiveness, and individual freedom that make America great.”

Coinciding with the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling on legalizing same-sex marriage and this weekend’s Pride festivities in New York, President Obama has declared The Stonewall Inn a National Monument, the first official National Park Service landmark dedicated to the fight for LGBT rights.

The monument status not only includes the Stonewall Inn bar but also Christopher Park across the street from the bar, which has become the site of many LGBT demonstrations since the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

“Today’s designation follows years of strong support from local officials, organizations, members of Congress and citizens in New York City and across the country,” said the White House in a press release.

Not only did the White House make an announcement, but they also released a video chronicling the important part the Stonewall Inn has played in the history of LGBT rights.

“I’m designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America’s national parks system,” Obama said in the clip. “Stonewall will be our first national monument to tell the story of the struggle for LGBT rights. I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country – the richness and diversity and uniquely American spirit that has always defined us. That we are stronger together. That out of many, we are one.”

The video will be played on screens in Times Square at noon on Sunday during the New York Pride festival.

“This new monument is a testament to the diversity, inclusiveness, and individual freedom that make America great,” said the White House in the announcement.

“Although the LGBT civil rights movement has made significant progress in the pursuit of equal rights and protections under the law, there is still more work to do,” the release stated. “As seen two weeks ago in Orlando, FL, LGBT Americans continue to face acts of violence, discrimination, and hate. LGBT people of color are especially at risk. The Administration is committed to continuing the fight for dignity, acceptance and equal rights for all Americans — no matter who they are or who they love.”

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