Oh, Snap! Angelina Jolie Wears 26 Dollar Dress to Her Own Premiere!


The dress was just one of a few questionable moves last night on Angelina’s part.

Angie and Brad attended the New York premiere of A Mighty Heart last night, but I have to wonder what Angelina was thinking – especially since this was her own movie!

For some reason, the usually glamorous Angie wore a $26 crushed velvet dress she bought at a thrift store in L.A.!


Also, before showing up to the Ziegfeld Theatre screening, Angie had her lawyer do a little prep work: He made all the reporters sign a contract promising not to ask her personal questions or they couldn’t talk to her. In addition, reporters could only use footage of her to promote her movie, or else Angie would sue them!

Apparently, USA Today and the AP then canceled their interviews. You can’t call all the shots, Angelina!